Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fast 3/Week 2

TOTAL TALLY FOR THE DAY - 442 CAL plus ended up tasting some food i was cooking, so kept it 50 cal less than target 500

Morning tea: 15 cal

Late breakfast: 165 cal
My BIG bowl of breakfast today:
Mixed up 1 pack (40g) Saffola Plain masala Oats (152 cal)
1 chopped garlic (negligible)
Handful of lettuce chopped + 1 piece zucchini grated (10-15 cal)
Microwaved with 2 cups water for 3 minutes
Squeeze of lemon
SO DELICIOUS - okay may be a little over 160, but the lettuce and zucchini add so much bulk with negligible calories (lettuce 1 cup chopped is 8 cals) and 1 cup zucchini is 20cals
And garlic and lemon are flavour bombs- SO important to add a ton of flavour when you eating less and cooking with no oil. These ready flavoured Oats packets are lifesavers-but they are quite high on salt so making them into a soup with lots of water dilutes the salt effect considerably, also when you add in some chopped leaves/veggies.

Afternoon tea - 10 cal

Evening tea-10 cal

Munchies - 3 Monaco biscuits (salt crackers) 42 cal
Dinner: 225 cal
2 eggs - 66x2=135 cal
1 tsp oil=40 cal
Veggies (yellow cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red bell pepper sauteed with garlic) 50 cal

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fast 1/Week 1 - Indian vegetarian diet

TEA - 6 calories
Tetley Earl Grey tea in one cup boiling water. Steep for 2 minutes. Add 2 teaspoons 3% milk  (60 cal/100ml) 

PRE WORKOUT - 10 calories
1 tbsp homemade skimmed yogurt plus 1 cup water, ice, black salt 

BREAKFAST - 165 calories

Saffola Masala Oats- Pepper Curry flavour (154 calories) with one chopped tomato (60grams) 11 calories 
Put the two together in a microwave safe bowl with 1.5 cups of water and microwave for 3 minutes. 
A soupy consistency means increased volume and also cuts down the very high salt content of this ready pack.

Coffee at lunch time with 4 tsp milk (12 cal)

Chai at chai time with 3 tsp milk (10 cal)

Sub 300 cal dinner - Mine is 263 calories
1 boiled egg(~46 grams) (66 cal) +
1 cuppa Knorr Mast Masala soup (60 cals) +
50 grams tofu (RK brand- 67cal) + 1cup carrot salad (50cals) with 2 tsp soy-honey-ginger dressing (20 cals)