Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back to 5:2 in the new year - Recipe for Yogurt-Salad ~120 cals

Dahi-Veggies Chaat or a Yogurt-Veggie Salad
Makes for a good lunch, easy to carry to work too, you can mix up the ingredients before eating

100 gram yogurt - 58cal
1/2 cucumber (87gram) 10 cal
small onion (40gram) 18 cal
a piece of capsicum (30gram) 6 cal
homemade green chutney (2 tsp) 10 cal (rough estimate)
1/2 tsp of sweet chutney (Dr.Oetkar's / FunFood)~10 cal

Total of 114 cal for a medium bowl full of veggies and yogurt
You can omit the sweet chutney but it makes it more fun. 
I had this for lunch today. 

My schedule since morning:
1 cup tea with 2-3 tsp of milk ~10 cal
1 mug coffee with 4 tbsp /60ml milk ~38 cal
1 cup tea with 4 tsp milk ~12 cal

I have 320 cal left for dinner - phew :)

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